New Orleans, LA, native - Carolyn Ayers, a filmmaker; and social activist, has announced the release of her latest documentary film titled "Black Girl Triumph." The film talks about the many struggles that black girls and young women go through but overcome and celebrates these women's incredible achievements and contributions, highlighting the experiences of these resilient and influential individuals.

Through the eyes of several black girls from different backgrounds, the documentary shows what it takes for them to triumph and become successful in a society that has often marginalized them. The film showcases their unique struggles living in poverty, battling abusive relationships, and stereotypes, and fighting for equality. Ultimately, the Black Girl Triumph happens when young black girls are given a chance to triumph; and their voices and stories can raise awareness about women's abuse and the injustices they face in America.

Ayers strives to show that black girls can be triumphant despite societal roadblocks. The documentary seeks to bring together viewers of all races, genders, and walks of life to recognize and celebrate the perseverance and courage shown by black women and girls. It also speaks directly to young black girls, encouraging them to break down barriers, abuse of all types, and expose their abusers, not being silenced; by stereotypes by displaying positive images of themselves in media and society.

"Black Girl Triumph" is hoping to receive acclaim for its raw and genuine portrayal of the black girl experience, hopeful that critics praise the film for its unflinching depiction of the challenges black girls face on their path to success.

This documentary is the voice for all women around the world of all races so that they can overcome their struggles and triumph over those obstacles.