BlackArts Racing is a Hong Kong limited company, headquartered in Hong Kong with operations at the  Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC).

The BlackArts Racing (BAR) team was founded by a group of four entrepreneurs, business professionals and senior executives with a passion for motorsports and circuit racing in early 2015.  With a vision to become a dominant force in the Asian racing community, offering young and gentleman drivers alike to race in competitive machinery, BAR rapidly established a strong team of experienced formula and touring car managers, engineers, and mechanics and assembled race ready and competitive formula cars (new and old Formula Renault 2.0) and touring cars (Caterham, SLC, GinettaG20, TTX).  It did so by investing in the business to build the platform and competing bolt-on acquisitions to offer the full range of car racing services.    BAR’s core services include the BlackArts Racing Academy which offers racing courses and testing for young racing talent and gentlemen drivers alike, professional racing support in Asia’s leading championships, and customer car management.

The BlackArts Racing Academy is backed up by a team of experienced instructors and mechanics in order to deliver top level race services.  Head instructor is Maxx Ebenal, a race winner in the Asian Formula Renault Championship. Also on the roster is BAR driver Dan Wells,  2015 Asian Formula Renault Champion. At the forefront of these services is the BlackArts Racing School. The course is aimed at the novice and intermediate driver wanting to get involved in motorsports. We provide a variety of different programs to cater to individual customer needs. The car of choice during the school is the TTX purpose built racecar. These cars are rented out on a session or full day basis with ample classroom time detailing racing dynamics, car control, safety and different racing techniques.

   Our professional racing support is tailored to talented young drivers that seek to start their motorsport career and ambitious gentlemen drivers.  Not only do we offer world class engineering can car set up and service during race weekend, but we furthermore take a holistic approach in to driver development offering integrated programs including testing programs, coaching by top championship racers, physical and mental training programs and basic understanding of racing engineering to help understand the link between car set up and racing performance.

Customer cars: BAR offers full service for race car owners, including racing engine and car builds, race care storage and maintenance, testing and race preparation, transport.

BAR revolves around passion -  we love motorsport! Every member of our staff has been involved in racing for many years with many of us still actively participating in multiple racing endeavors, including racing in renowned championships and races such as Asian Formula Renault, Formula Masters, HKTC, Macau Grand Prix, etc.