The Black Doge Club is a virtual decentralized social community, comprised of hundreds of members located worldwide who share a common passion for blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrencies, digital assets, digital art, music, and exploration of the interplay between arts, culture, and technology. The Black Doge Club will have exclusive or early access to highly anticipated CNFT mints coordinated by its decentralized governance layer The Black Dao. These super hot NFT drops will grow the value of the token's utility in the virtual Black Doge Club ecosystem. Above all, the Black Doge Club is a longterm social and collaborative community project that is decentralized in membership and governance. The Club and its virtual properties exist as convergence points for Cardano blockchain explorers interested in advancing the broader ecosystem through experiments and initiatives involving tech innovation, music, art, and social, always conducted through collaborative organization in a decentralized manner. The Black Doge Club members and their four-legged friends are on a collective mission to the moon, and it's going to be one-way trip.