The BONN Group; Premiere Media Conglomerate,
Takes Online News to a Higher Level

A network of 100 websites created to inform, empower and educate the African American community


Noticeably taking the internet media space by storm and touted as an “Online Media Power-House”, The BONN Group unveils, The Black Online News Network (BONN), the largest and fastest growing network of online news portals to date.  Its current network consists of 100 unique news web-sites covering a wide range of today’s hottest and most provocative issues on the radars of African Americans worldwide.

The Network delivers the latest National, International and Topical news and information.  Viewers can access real-time news on a variety of subjects to include; economics, wealth building, education, politics, consumer affairs, literature, careers, lifestyle and family, travel, sports, literature, movies, entertainment and many others.

Advertising opportunities and discounted advertising rates are available for small businesses and non profit organizations as well.

A complete list of the 100 web sites in the BONN Network can be found at www.thebonngroup.com.


The Bonn Group is a media establishment which operates the Bonn Network, a group of 100 popular websites which exist to serve the varied informational needs of members of the African American community. The Group also provides services and advertising opportunities for businesses who offer products and service that cater for the African American demographic.

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