Blackstone Group is a full-service custom marketing research and consulting firm providing clients with actionable research insights for 23 years.

Our proprietary methods are designed to provide maximum insight:
-(IQ)2 (online, webcam-enhanced focus groups among geographically representative respondents from their homes and offices)
-Custom, online longitudinal panels
-SEQuaLS (satisfaction, loyalty and retention)
-Persona IPB (image positioning/branding)
-Namecraft (name generation/testing)
-SCAPE (product development)

Our team provides high quality research using state-of-the-art, in-house resources:
-Comprehensive Web survey services
-Custom, online dashboards
-Online focus groups
-100+ CATI/CAWI stations

Our clients include leading organizations in various industries: financial services, insurance, health care, CPG, not-for-profits, pharmaceuticals, technology and utilities.

We are a certified minority-owned/diversity firm.