We're a boutique wedding photography company, specializing in modern, honest, passionate, fine-art wedding photography. We are  husband and wife wedding photographers, and we love what we do! Our style is modern, airy, colorful, and structured. We utilize modern compositions to make the most impact out of each image, and because we're a husband and wife photography team, we are able to capture different angles for each moment. We specialize in making candid portraits more modern, so the moments are real, true, and honest, but also beautifully composed with striking image quality.

I think the most important quality of a wedding photographer is the ability to capture the feeling of the day, rather than just taking perfect pictures.  True photographic artistry is capturing the spirit of the event. A wedding in Vegas would never feel like a vintage garden wedding, and the photos should reflect this. The photographs we take are transportive. When a bride looks at her wedding photos, they will be taken back to their wedding day and relive it.

We’re not into stuffy-posy shots, we prefer candid whenever possible. So because of that, we have learned the ability to disappear. We don't want to be seen. We want the event to write itself, and we will document the moments as they happen, rather than staging them.

We know we’ve done a great job when we walk away from a wedding and our clients have become our friends. Good chemistry with your wedding photographer is SO important! We have been extremely lucky to have worked with brides who books us for our work, our modern, colorful style, and our artistry rather than our price point. Our bride’s attitudes are very similar to our own, and we are so thankful! We’ve been so very lucky, and after each wedding we have new friends.

We are fine-art wedding photographers.