Blameet is a social networking site like no other. Our goal is to solve social issues by enlisting the wisdom, experience and savvy of our members. A society is only as strong and progressive as is its citizens. Blameet understands the power of the individual. We want our members not only to identify problems but to suggest ideas and promote resources to solve these problems. Homelessness, crime, social and political injustice. Drugs, alcoholism, domestic violence. Bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia. In every society, in every walk of life, there are issues that need to be fixed. Governments can only do so much. We want to empower citizens through action. Life can be overwhelming. Problems too big for one person to resolve. Perhaps. But a community of like-minded people can do what the individual can't. We can change our communities for the better if we simply resolve to do so. Blameet is the vehicle, the platform, the engine for this change. Join our community and see what individuals working together can accomplish. We can change our world. One community at a time.