Blazesoft, gaming development company, specializes in all aspects of helping your business save both time and management when it comes to your games. Blazesoft offers gaming businesses both large and small a robust custom backend for games, as well as cloud game server hosting.

The professionals at Blazesoft will help you integrate your games to robust and ready to use gaming backend and CRM. This will make management easier and more user-friendly. This will help you build more complex games without restrictions. Through a game using a backend as a service, there is greater scalability and can help improve the number of players you retain.
Instead of spending precious time and money on developing game server, use sophisticated gaming backend that already includes all required features.
The money you save, invest in UI / gamification and in later stages on marketing.

Partial list of features presented in Blazesoft’s backend platform -
1.     Player management – 360’ view on your player (customer) activities including personal information, game progress data, social data and more
2.     Game management features – levels, XP, avatars, skins, asset bundles
3.     Marketing – Push Notification, emails, marketing lists
4.     Reporting -  smart players’ segmentation, reports, export to excel, XML and external databases.
5.     BI and Analytics – Predictive and prescriptive analytics. Micro-segmentation and player retention based on Microsoft Cortana Suite. Integration with Google Analytics and additional performance tools
6.     Game engines - All managed from server and can be integrated in your app
     * Slot engine - %RTP calculations, par sheets, volatility index and more
     * Sports betting – built-in integration to BetRadar and other leading sports data provider. Odds, markets, bets, statistics. Live and Prematch. All available via easy to use SDK

The staff at Blazesoft will work closely to ensure that your custom backend for games best meets your business’ needs. In addition to creating custom CRMs, Blazesoft also offers strategic consulting and strategic marketing and retention. Through their consulting and reporting, Blazesoft can help you speed up market entry and deliver business success.

You can book a demo with the staff at Blazesoft to get a better understanding on how they can help you with a game using a backend as a service. Their staff is always willing to help you. Contact them today.

About Blazesoft
Based in Vaughan, Ontario, Blazesoft is the leading gaming development company specializing in custom backend for games and cloud game server hosting. They work with both large and small gaming companies around the world to help improve performance and help your business’ success. The team at Blazesoft is highly experienced and can help provide you with the best solutions for your business. In addition, they also offer consulting and strategic marketing. To learn more about Blazesoft or to schedule a demo visit their website at http://www.blazesoft.ca