Blight Productions is an award winning full service media production company based in Long Beach, California; we specialize in the documentation and promotion of creativity, outside-the-box thinking and the arts, but we can tackle any professional challenge. We produce documentaries, creative profile videos, clip reels, demo reels, “behind-the-scenes” featuretts, commercials, trailers, motion graphics, animations, music videos, and can handle just about any other project you may want to bring our way.

In addition to the services we provide we also produce our own original content. Our goal is to ensure that the documentaries we produce are as pure, open and honest as the artists featured in them. To achieve this, we keep our productions independent and free from corporate censorship. You can help us by becoming our patron and pledging any amount of money, you will not only help us produce more inspirational tales, but you will also be helping independent artists from around the world share their stories, passions and work with the global art-loving community.

There are few better ways to connect with people than to share unique, inspiring human interest stories. As documentarians, we have learned that if you want to discover the truth, then you can never stop asking questions. The goal is to continue documenting and learning everything we can about creativity, passion, art, culture and life; while sharing these stories with you on a regular basis.

We only releasing two original documentaries a month.

To learn more about how to sponsor our videos please visit: http://www.patreon.com/blightprodutions

The Blight Productions Team