Madison, WI:  Pixeostar, a company focused on building innovative and entertaining mobile apps, has released the latest version of the award-winning Blipp. Now named BlippMe, the new location sharing app allows users to share not only important events in their lives, but where they took place. With the click on a map, users create landmarks that they can share to show the special places in their lives.

“Our users are thrilled with being able to tell their friends about important events and places in their lives,” said Lindsy Schafer, co-founder of Pixeostar. “We’ve heard from so many people how Blipp has allowed them to share their travels, favorite nightlife spots, and create a memory that they’ll keep forever. Their friends come across a blipp months down the road when they are visiting the same spot, and feel even more connected. BlippMe has more features and functions that support today’s active social media users.”

BlippMe is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so notifications are immediate. Users can add details, images, and friends to each blipp, and can see friend’s blipps on the map along with theirs.

Pixeostar was founded in 2009 with the goal of creating fun and innovative apps. Their first app, built for Facebook, allowed people to create their own photo and video contests and get their friends to join. They have since moved from Facebook to mobile apps, and haven’t looked back.

BlippMe is available in the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blippMe

For more information contact Lindsy Schafer, Co-Founder of Pixeostar by email at info@pixeostar.com