Bloog LLC. a manufacturer of e-cigarettes and electronic cigarette accessories, was formed in 2008 by a product development group based in New Jersey. Being ex-smokers themselves, the members of the team were amazed and intrigued when first setting eyes on the Bloog electronic cigarette prototype. The Bloog® e-cigarette management team saw the incredible potential for such a product to revolutionize the smoking industry. The goal was to provide smokers with new and improved e-cigarette as an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking which takes so many lives each year. The chance to be a part of something so important to society was critical to the formation of BLOOG, LLC. Following up on the original Bloog® Fusion electronic cigarette design, the Bloog® electronic cigarette product development team refined and improved performance of the next generation electronic cigarette to more closely simulate traditional smoking and the Maxx Fusion brand was born. Since then, the electronic cigarette business has steadily increased as more and more people adopt the new alternative to smoking from a brand and company they can trust, Bloog. http://www.bloog.com