Where Experience Meets Innovation

One of the major reasons behind the phenomenal success of Blossom Square is the unique combination of experience and innovation within its upper management ranks. This has enabled the company to understand the needs of their clients in a comprehensive manner and provide innovative service solutions to fulfill these requirements to the utmost satisfaction of every individual client. The commitment towards adapting a customer centric approach in all its dealings and establishing a relationship of trust and goodwill with every customer has also played a major role in the success of this company.  

The Four Pillars Of Growth

At www.blossomsquare.com, consistent growth is achieved through use of innovative and creative strategies designed to serve the clients in a better manner. Apart from that the company ensures strict adherence to its four pillars of growth each of which is discussed in brief detail as follows.

     Consistent Quality: When people choose to send flowers online or even get gifts delivered, they are highly skeptical about the quality of the items that will be finally received by the recipients. However, BlossomSquare has made sure that the clients never get a chance to complain by providing extremely high class quality for all the merchandise available on its website. In fact, the company pays special attention towards ensuring that the flowers and other perishable items are delivered when they are still fresh so as to maintain their standard or quality.

     Prompt And Timely Delivery:The company understandsthe importance of delivering products on time as most often people who place orders for the same, consider it as a means of showing their care for the special occasion.  Moreover, BlossomSquare is also aware of the fact that perishable items such as flowers and cakes need to be delivered promptly so that they can be enjoyed by the recipients before getting spoiled. As such the company focuses on making prompt and timely deliveries for almost every order placed by client, and especially in terms of same day flowers delivery.

     Effectively Address Client Grievances: Although many companies provide a platform where customers can register their complaints, not many of them actually follow up on the same. However, with BlossomSquare, clients can not only register their grievances but also be assured of prompt addressing for the same. The customers simply need to send a mail detailing their grievances and the customer services executives will either provide and explanation or might even refund the booking amount in case of a genuine complaint.

     Efficient Cancellation And Refund Policy: As a part of their policy for establishing goodwill and winning the trust of the clients, the company provides efficient cancellation and refund policy. The company does not have any complex terms for either the cancellation of the orders or even getting refund for the same. The company offers a refund of 95% for customers who follow the set guidelines for seeking refund after cancellation of an order. Moreover, BlossomSquare also offers 100% refund in cases of any quality issues on their own part.  

Reliable Service For Every Client

BlossomSquare is a one stop shop for all your needs related to delivery of gifts, flowers and other such items. Whether you want to send flowers cheap CT to a friend or relative or want to get and exclusive romantic gift delivered to your girlfriend in another city, just log on to www.blossomsquare.com to place the order and be rest assured that the items will be delivered to the persons at the specified addresses at the right time!