Irvine, California – June 7, 2014:  Blucoin Education announced today the Blucoin Reward Box, a patented lock box in which encourages children to follow directions and finish chores, will be available this coming September to Kickstarter.com. Blucoin has developed the first currency system for kids, allowing children to earn rewards for finishing tasks and demonstrating good behaviors without constant reminders from parents or teachers.

Demonstration Video: http://youtu.be/0q4_9ywxkx8

The new product allows teachers and parents the ability to use advanced and effective motivational techniques used by child behavior professionals without the need for extensive training. It is an automated tool that encourages children to behave well in either in a classroom or in-home setting.  The Reward Box is designed to promote a positive environment in place of a typical punishment based systems, which are proven to be far less successful.  Two versions of the unit will be available at release, a three coin box, for children aged 2-5 and a five coin box for children 5-10

Selecting a reward for a child to work for is simple, a treat, toy, or special prize that they will enjoy is placed inside of the Reward Box where it is automatically locked inside.  A clear, child safe lid is in place because it is important that the child knows what reward they will be working toward.   Each coin represents one task that the child must do in order to receive a coin.  The included coins are coded to the box so that there is no way for a child to open it with another tool.  The tool can be used for simple tasks, eating three bites of vegetables to get dessert, or more involved tasks such as not getting in trouble at school for three weeks in a row to get tickets to a movie.

The Reward Box is a universal tool which can be used on an unlimited number of scenarios including: homework, sharing, toileting, tantrums, aggressions, bed time, manners, listening, cleaning, and more.  Included with each box is instructions on how to use the tool with each goal.

Blucoin has collaborated with local schools and psychologists to develop a product that requires minimal training and provides immediate changes to children’s motivation.  Classroom trials have successfully been able to eliminate over 90% of disruptive student behaviors in the first day of its introduction.  

Blucoin Education is an Orange County, CA based startup educational company, It specializes in organizational and motivational products and its committed to designed products for modern parents. For more information, please visit www.BluCoin.org.