Blue Horizon International is a healthcare consulting company with a unique concept that combines treatment, research and philanthropic efforts.

Blue Horizon International provides quality care and service for medical treatments globally, advanced technologies in stem cell therapies, and also provides resources needed to assist children and adults who are medically underserved. For more information please visit Blue Horizon International at www.bluehorizoninternational.com.

We associate with leading stem cell research scientists at the Biochemistry Institute of Wuhan University, The Stem Cell Centre, Hongqiao Brain Hospital and the prestigious Blue Horizon International Hospital Network.

The company is licensed by the Slovakian Ministry of Health to treat patients at Medissimo Hospital in Bratislava.  We are the only treatment provider approved by Wuhan University Department of Medicine.

Blue Horizon Stem Cells is the division of Blue Horizon International that conducts clinical research and provides regenerative stem cell therapies. To date, we have safely treated over 500 patients with more than 2250 regenerative procedures.  Patient medical outcomes are documented throughout the complete treatment cycle.

November 2013 the company introduced Special Skin Serum, which is the first offering of a breakthrough, proprietary skin care range that retains active stem cell properties.  Blue Horizon Stem Cell Skin Care does not contain actual stem cells, yet is derived from human stem cells used to treat patients in our research clinics