Blue Muse Publishing, Inc. operates an online resource for songwriters and musicians, provides limited promotional opportunities for artists demonstrating sufficient musical collateral, and operates a small indie label, Blue Muse Indie Records or BMND Records.  

The business started in January 2008 and has a catalog of over 70 songs and one title by artist JD Wood entitled In My Dreams.  The principle idea is to provide supplemental assistance to today's more savvy musician/entrepreneur who may be overwhelmed by the myriad of options available for self promotion today.  This service provides as much or as little as the artist requires to meet the demands of today's rigorous and competitive environment.
Founder Del Boland is a songwriter and musician.  In addition, Del has over 20 years professional experience in engineering, project management, and sales.  Blue Muse is the sum total of all Del's life experience over the years including his passion for music and art and his interest in computers.