Blue Water Growth is a global business consulting firm with extensive on-the-ground experience and expertise in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Its services include mergers and acquisitions, private capital solutions, product distribution, strategic planning, strategic sourcing, operational effectiveness, product management, process reengineering and optimization, and a wide variety of business advisory services for its Western and Asian clients. Global business ventures, especially in Asia, offer enormous opportunities for growth and success, but they come with significant risks. Blue Water Growth’s team eases your journey across the sometimes choppy seas of various government regulatory systems, financial practices, and currencies, as well as historically-derived business practices and cultural and linguistic differences. Our experience in multiple Asian and European countries, our network of contacts, our professional training, our cultural engagement, and our commitment to providing on-site service enable us to guide our clients through the cultural and regulatory shoals that often characterize trans-Oceanic ventures.