Founded by five active duty law enforcement officers, Blueline Security Services, LLC is a privately owned and insured security company that offers our clients in MD, DC & VA a full range of services. Blueline is composed of three divisions: Uniformed (armed or unarmed), Commercial Services and Executive Services. Depending on the needs of our clients, personnel from any one of these divisions can be utilized to address their security needs. We are confident that with our seventeen years of experience in the private security field, we can design a security plan that fits an individual or company’s specific needs.

Uniformed Security Division
Our uniformed division was developed to address the needs of our commercial and occasionally our residential clients. Our personnel have provided security at hospitals, banks, hotels and retail stores in the past. An example of services that we currently provide clients via our uniformed personnel is overnight security at car dealerships. We provide overnight security for several car dealerships and bus lots throughout Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our personnel cover the overnight hours, while the dealerships are closed, to prevent theft of assets and damage to our clients facilities. In a county that leads the State of Maryland in auto thefts, we are proud of our track record of protecting our clients’ property and assets. We feel that our uniformed division is well positioned to provide security personnel for hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, banks and many other types of commercial businesses. Our security personnel utilize our marked security vehicles while patrolling the property.

Commercial Services Division
Our commercial services division can also provide more specialized services to our commercial clients. First, we can provide trained investigators to conduct internal investigations specializing in employee theft, fraud, and embezzlement. During internal investigations, our personnel can work “undercover,” or they can be overt and conduct internal interviews, polygraph exams, or whatever investigative techniques the situation warrants. Secondly, we can develop proactive programs, such as, employee screening and loss prevention training classes. We have found that this combination minimizes opportunities and the desire for employees to engage in fraud.

Executive Services Division
Through our Executive Services division we provide armed personnel to transport and protect high profile or high net worth clients. The immediate task of our protection detail is to prevent our clients from being physically assaulted. Our Executive Services Division can also provide twenty-four hour security protection at the personal residences of our clients. This protection can be provided on a short-term basis or be more permanent in nature. We have trained technicians who can install state of the art electronic surveillance monitoring systems. Those electronic surveillance systems can then be supplemented with members of our uniformed division. The determination as to the best security combination to utilize is made on a case-by-case basis, largely dependent on the individual need and budget of our clients.

Blueline Security Services is prepared to meet the various security needs of our clients. We are sure that we can be the “one stop shop” to meet your individual or your company’s private security needs. If you are interested in finding out more about our programs, or you would like a personal consultation with one of our representatives feel free to contact us at 301-219-4685