We aren't shy about telling the world how feel about Bluetooth technology. We built our first product from scratch and will continue to innovate, bringing new products to consumers that make life a little easier. With over ten years of experience in wireless technology, we have the acumen and expertise to rapidly develop cutting edge products. As a small company, we can afford to spend less time on process and more time finding creative solutions. And above all else, we have a passion for engineering, technology and design that drives us forward.

The advancement of Bluetooth Smart technology has made it possible for our company to leverage the power of low energy smart devices and design functional consumer-friendly products. Blue Ring Technologies LLC has been involved with Bluetooth Smart technology since its inception in 2010. Our goal is to target small niche market opportunities that address specific needs.

We tackle problems head on in order to deliver top-notch wireless products for our customers. Our mission is to create superior products using accelerated product development. Through years of experience we've found the perfect blend of project management tools and techniques that help energize our developers and improve quality control allowing us to create top-notch products at lightning speed.