Bluestone-IDC focuses on unique capital intensive projects, extending at times to private & public clients & partners. Our economic development assignments are woven into a commitment to achieve development success for our public & private clients & partners. Our internal and external processes consist of feasibility studies, pre-development analysis, economic development planning & implementation, marketing and financial strategies providing implementation-oriented recommendations, private & public partnership strategies, deal structuring, and creative “action” plans for a vast array of developments including but not limited to infrastructure, housing, green renewable energy to commercial and mixed use real estate development. These strategies respond to the needs of complex markets and potentially unusual developments that require innovative yet thoughtful financing approaches. Our principals and team of professionals understand the complexities and issues impacting every stage of a successful development. We and our strategic partners and advisers are uniquely qualified to make your economic development project(s) all that you expect.

The Concept Is Simple

We provide comprehensive solutions for all your economic development needs. We are a leading source of professional services that can bring your economic development projects to a successful conclusion.

The Results Are Profound

Programming and strategic planning, innovative analytical approaches, realistic estimates of financial feasibility, credibility, objectivity . . . in a word “success.”

Feasibility/Needs Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of those factors impacting your development’s viability and performance, including but not limited to: Market and Competitive Analysis, Objective, Fact-Driven Analysis, and more.

Pre-Development Analysis

Our recommendations are filtered through the lens of seasoned development and financing professionals. We synthesize and analyze all relevant information to provide a coherent and effective basis for economic development actions.

Strategic Development Planning

We provide our clients & partners with economic development planning services that enable our them to achieve strong and diversified economies. We address their needs through creative thinking, clarification of uncertainties, structured analysis and clear communication.
Development Implementation
We provides implementation-oriented recommendations, private & public partnership strategies, deal structuring, creative “action” plans for the development.

Marketing Strategies

We work to ensure that your development presents a consistent, cohesive image and brand in the marketplace. We help you create specific marketing plans to achieve your objectives.

Financing Strategies and Solutions

We work closely with our clients & partners to identify alternative financing strategies and solutions that best serve their interests. We work closely with alternative and traditional funding sources, infrastructure development funds and many other funding options.

The Leading Source

Your economic development project represents a major commitment and investment. The stakes are high and success is essential! Economic development planning must respond to your business & public goals and objectives, be market driven, functionally and operationally efficient, financially sound, and more. We are uniquely suited to provide this wide range of Development Strategies services meeting the specific needs of our clients & partners.