The Boat Shoes Store is an online retail website that simply sells boat shoes to both the fashion  and marine industry.  
The Boat Shoes Store was created to offer a range of leading boat shoes brands and styles in one easy to use website, to ensure a simple and enjoyable online retail experience.
There is a selection of both leather and canvas boat shoes for all occasions and requirements, and prices range from a very reasonable £29 to £105 for the top of the range leather boat shoes.  Boat shoes have become a staple requirement in most wardrobes and in the last few years become popular across the generations as both fashionable and practical.  
The Boat Shoes Store also recognises the needs of the marine industry and offers a range of good hardworking shoes for sailors too.
Early feedback from customers has been very positive on all aspects of their retail experience when buying from the website.  The shoes are easy to compare, the prices are clear, the delivery and returns policy are stated on the home page.  It is very simple to complete a purchase and all goods bought by 2pm are delivered on the next working day.
There are plans to expand initially within the Boat Shoes Store website and then later to diversify with other niche website Shoe Stores offering the same simple and efficient online retail experience.