Bob Weber, Inc. (B•W•I) is a leading supplier of prepress equipment - celebrating 34 years of serving the graphics and printing industry.

The original B•W•I sells used prepress equipment - mainly CTP (computer-to-plate) units which are reconditioned and warranted by on-staff technicians. These technicians also recondition plate and film processors. To date over 500 CTP units and over 450 processors from manufacturers such as Agfa, Creo/Kodak, ECRM, Fuji, Heidelberg, and Screen have been reconditioned and sold.

B•W•I Service Division has an established service network of independent, reputable service technicians across the United States and Canada to install, service, and maintain new and used CTP equipment along with our own staff technicians. Technicians perform installation, de-installation, PMAs, remote diagnostics, plate profiling, and RIP installation.

B•W•I Parts Division sells new, used and special order parts for all generations and manufacturers of prepress equipment such as Agfa, Creo/Scitex, ECRM, Fuji, Heidelberg/Linotype, Prepress, and Screen. On-staff technicians assist customers with trouble-shooting advice. Parts available for CTF and CTP equipment, film and plate processors, plate stackers and more.

B•W•I CTP Division became a reality in the spring/summer of 2016, when B•W•I entered into the new equipment market with the introduction of the  B•W•I Series™ of thermal CTP equipment to the US, Canada and Latin American markets. The line of 400 and 800 Series™ CTP units include standard 4 up and 8 up thermal CTP models, as well as models with autoloaders, high speed models, VLF models, and flexo CTP.

B•W•I has a demonstration/training area in our facility that features the B•W•I 800 Series™ Model T8-32 CTP driven by the Xitron Sierra RIP. Open daily and by appointment.

New product lines in the CTP Division include Xitron Navigator and Sierra Workflow RIPs, Glunz & Jensen plate processors, Nita plate stackers, X-Rite plate readers, and Amsky CTP.

B•W•I Digital Plates and Consumables Division offers the Premium-Set Thermo™ thermal CTP plates and process-free plates (currently in development) that work on most CTP units. Companion B•W•I chemistry has been developed to work with our plates. Available directly from BWI in a variety of quantities and sizes. Special order container loads can be accommodated.

Other services from B•W•I:

B•W•I has partnered with a national leasing company to offer customers a variety of leasing options for new and used equipment.

B•W•I has the facility to crate and package equipment and plates for overseas shipments in addition to national shipping within the US and Canada.

B•W•I offers alternative turn-key solutions to meet customers prepress needs at an affordable price!