Bob Williamson is an environmental activist for change.

He is committed to adding his voice without compromise; and without fear or favour, to alert others as to the need for an urgent change to the ‘business and living as usual’ model adopted by developed and fast developing nations, that is placing our future, and that of generations to follow, in peril.

Winner of an array of environmental; business and science awards, both in his home country of Australia and overseas, he is the Founder & Chair of the Greenhouse Neutral Foundation that was established in 2006 by his family to contribute a voice. http://www.greenhouseneutral.net

The Foundation is a not-for-profit environmental educational voice.

Bob is the Author of many published articles as well as a controversial book on Climate Change - finite resource depletion and resource conservation ‘ZERO Greenhouse Emissions – The Day the Lights Went Out – Our Future World’ published in October 2008 by Strategic Book Publishing New York, New York U.S.A. www.strategicbookpublishing.com/ZEROGreenhouseEmissions.html

ISBN 978-1-60693-306-0

e-book available for $9.99 from

The books reviewers have said it is:- ‘What they would rather you didn’t know about Climate Change’ and ‘Many with vested interests may wish you not to read this book’

Bob suggests that it will confront many of those with vested commercial and political interests to protect and he offers no apology for it.

“We need to wake up from the illogical sleepwalk of the present course we are on.”

“Our collective futures and that of our children are in immediate peril” he concludes.

His 12 year long struggle to have his voice of logic heard, is what he calls his "overnight success, that took him a decade". Here he will contribute many widely unknown facts on energy and resource depletion and conservation.

He will as he suggests question our 'living and business as usual' future.