Most adored British pearl jewellery brand

Pronounced as "B-o-B-ee-Joo", the most adored British pearl jewellery brand name was composed from two French words: Beaux and Bijoux, which means "beautiful jewellery".

For almost a decade, BoBijou is renowned for exclusive contemporary jewellery made with authentic high quality cultured pearls, gemstones and finished with silver or gold. BoBijou takes the world´s most beautiful gem materials and turns them into stunning, elegant and delicate jewellery that accentuate women´s natural beauty. Each and every BoBijou´s jewellery piece is hand crafted with a tangible sense of quality featured through the silky lustre, subtle colours and the gratifying weight.

BoBijou is committed to be transparent in it´s business and emphasis on fair trade gemstones and eco-friendly pearl cultivation trade. Compliance is kept with all UK and EU legislation and the relevant industry standards. BoBijou sources pearls and gemstones directly from leading environment friendly pearl growers and gemstone miners assuring that quality, environmental and ethical standards are met in full.

BoBijou works directly with trusted pearl farms in East China, which adhere to the best environmental practices designed to reduce human impact and protect fresh water lakes and rivers eco-systems.