At BodyGuard & Spy Supply, Your Safety is Our Concern!
Providing You with the most comprehensive collection of over 500  non-lethal self defense, hidden cameras and surveillance products, most of which are not readily available in stores is the reason we’re here.

A father of three lovely, now grown daughters and grandfather to 10 grandkids ranging from six months to nineteen years old, I have realized I'm no "Super Hero" and can't be all places at all times to protect all my family and loved ones.

I'm David Parker, a real human, not some bot generating websites with wrong motives. Born in Lubbock, Texas, my family and I migrated to Southwest Arkansas to be in the vicinity of my grandparents while I was in the seventh grade. I graduated from Ashdown High School to proceed to live the American Dream... And Dream I did! Chasing those dreams took me over two thirds of the United States.

Health issues forced me into an early retirement from the construction industry. I now live in Ashdown, Arkansas. Too much spare time has consumed me with watching news and ranting about crime and our "not so just" justice system.

While I'm American and fully support the 2nd amendment, the right to own and carry firearms, I know that a gun is not always the answer. Awareness of surroundings, hazards, and non lethal self defense products and methods have become a passion for me.