Body Scanner Attitude
Metallic Print Apparel for Travelers.
They're taking your X-ray picture. Give 'em a piece of your mind, too.

Available in gold or silver metallic foil print.  

We are horrified by airport body scanners, which x-ray through clothing and produce detailed images of the naked bodies of the law abiding traveling public, pilots, & crew.  We are horrified that frequent fliers are expected to pass through these dangerous x-ray machines every single time they fly.  We are horrified that the only alternative a traveler has to repeatedly passing through dangerous and humiliating body scanner machines is to repeatedly submit to humiliating body pat downs of such an intrusive level, they would be prosecuted as sex offense crimes if committed anywhere else but at an airport.

Enough is enough, and if we don't want to live in a police state, it's time people fight back and speak their minds.  Choose one of our designs for quick delivery, or design your own.  Instructions at our site.