Body and Mind of Windsor, Ontario is a Natural Health Center. It is known for counseling, therapy and natural health solutions. Clinical director and founder Rick Saruna has been helping people create changes with their stress, anxiety and other emotional issues.

The Center also specializes in Weight Loss, Quit Smoking and behavioral changes. Rick Saruna has also developed 2 very unique processes for lasting change.
Rapid Emotional Release, a process to quickly lift stuck emotional issues. He  also developed Thought Shifting - a technique to remove the negative inner voice.Thought Shifting is also available in book form.  

Trained in many natural processes and techniques Rick Saruna is also  a trained hypnotist and hypnosis instructor. He has been working with the subconscious since the 1990s.

He has appeared on radio, television, in print and has done coaching and presentations for major corporations.

Available for interviews and presentations to help others create change where change is desired.