My name is Thomas M. Wicker I am a Banknote security printing expert with over 3,200 patents issued world wide in the security printing industry. My patents are in use in many of or documents to protect them against counterfeiting and fraud and for identifying purposes including our US currency , drivers licenses, car titles, SS cards and corporate checks.
I have developed a simple device to verify our currency as ether real or counterfeit, The Bogus Bill Detector is credit card in size and reads the printed artwork for verification, once a bill has been reproduced the printed images change, the human eye cannot see the change but my device does . There are no pens, markers or black lights needed. There is a video on my web site home page demonstrating my device, Please visit www.bogusbilldetector.com On my web site I also inform the public about counterfeiting trends and information they should know about beyond my device and uses.