Bokaboo Card Services is a global solutions leader in turnkey host based prepaid cards and custom stored-value products.The company offers an array of commercial and consumer stored-value products that are made available to end-users through our banking and commercial partners. BCS is a certified endpoint and is authorized to be an issuing processor for cards through our agreement with an FDIC Insured Bank. BCS provides a complete platform solution for employer back office as well as web/phone based end-user interactivity.

Bokaboo Card Services offers both branded and private brand stored-value products in these major opportunity sectors:

         * Employer
         * Insurance
         * Consumer
         * Merchant-Retailers, Service Providers and Manufacturers
         * Multi-Level Marketing
         * Government

BCS Products:
Bokaboo Card Services in conjunction with its strategic partners has developed a secure technology and services platform that enables it to provide flexible product solutions that are configured and managed for its clients' success.

Consumer products offered by the company include general purpose branded gift cards; as well as for private merchant networks; virtual gift accounts; relationship cards that serve family and small business needs; e-Wallet virtual accounts: and money transfer services.

Commercial products include insurance claim payment cards; payroll cards, employee expense reimbursement and relocation cards; employee incentive and reward cards; corporate gift cards; membership cards; and virtual or physical promotional cards used to replace paper rebates and refunds certificates.

Local, state and federal government agencies, along with the armed forces, can also take advantage of many of the same products that work for employers and insurance companies. Whether it's paying unbanked government employees, or making travel funds conveniently available on a worldwide basis while still maintaining control on a centralized basis, or disbursing benefits electronically, Shared Path Card Services products, services, and platform systems can meet any requirements.

In addition to these card products, BCS also works with clients to design and configure programs that fit the specific needs of that market application.

BCS also offers complementary products such as Electronic Pay Stubs and Employee Reward ProgramsProducts and Services Overview.

Consumer Products                       Commercial & Governmental Products
Branded Gift Cards                                        Payroll Cards
Branded Travel Money Cards                      Incentive Cards
Relationship Cards                                       Claim Card Insurance Cards
                                                                          Gift Cards
                                                                          Product Enhancements
                                                                          Membership Cards
                                                                          Promotional Cards

The BCS Payroll/Payment Card is a revolutionary turnkey vehicle for employers to reduce the cost and time associated with administering, distributing and dealing with payroll issues. At the same time, it provides a significant benefit to employees.

For all employees, but especially those who are unbanked, the payment card is a convenient and cost effective solution for employees to receive their pay electronically. Why are CFOs turning to Visa Payment Cards as a bottom line solution? Because it is a proven tool to lower recurring expenses, provide an employee benefit as well as save their firm vital resources.

Benefits To The Business

    • Eliminates Checks and Cash
    • Eliminates Check Reconcilement Problems
    • Eliminates Postage or Shipping to Remote Locations
    • Allows The Employer To Go All Electronic Combining Existing Direct Deposit and
      the Payment Card
    • Eliminates Employees Going To The Bank To Deposit Checks During Working
    • Utilizes Existing Direct Deposit Procedures With Employer Bank
    • New Cards Ordered On The Internet If Desired
    • Custom Branded Cards are Available

Benefits To The Employees

    • Prestige Of Visa Card
    • Immediate Availability of Funds
    • Eliminates Hassles and Fees When Cashing Checks
    • Cash From ATMs And Cash Back At Grocers, Drug Stores, Etc.
    • Visa Purchasing Power at 20 Million Merchants
    • Cost Effective Way to Get Money to Relatives Domestic or Foreign
    • Cash Back At Interlink Merchants
    • Pay Bills Using The Card - Get Phone, Cable, Cell Service Using This Card
    • On Line and 800 Access to Balance and Transactions
    • On Line or Paper Statements