BombayBuy.com mobile app gets launched to enjoy seamless shopping over mobile devices on the go. Providing better accessibility, user experience, marketing notifications, it’s intended on a win-win situation. Expecting a surge in sales since the mobile app launch, the company is fervent to meet the shopping needs through the most convenient platform via user-friendly features, and aims at improving the shopping website’s popularity as well.

The one-stop shop for fashion clothing and accessories presumes to tap the benefits by reaching out to the lion’s share of mobile shopping enthusiasts across the country. With many immediate benefits raining on the app version, it puts customer convenience at first. The app is available for both Android and iOS versions.

Enhancing the shopping prospects by relying on the shopping behavior of mobile users, it’s evident that the app gets launched to drive sales through improved customer experience. Making everything easier right from accessing the shopping website until getting the order processed alongside a few fringe benefits are appreciated by buyers when they make the purchases every time. And the mobile app developed by BombayBuy.com caters to this very need, as the company says.

About BombayBuy.com

BombayBuy.com, one of India’s newly launched shopping online destination sells fashion clothing and accessories across all over the country. With plenty of popular fashion brands promoted on its store, BombayBuy.com aims to revive the online shopping scenario in the country by enhanced customer experience through its impeccable buyer-friendly features.