Walter Williams is a sixty-five year old retired real estate agent and like many who have given up their life's work, he finds himself adrift, without direction or goals.

   Then one day, he wittnesses the mugging of an elderly woman and this rekindles a fire within him to make a contribution with his life.

   In Lady Justice Takes a C.R.A.P., follow Walt's incredible journey from retired realtor to head of the City Retiree Action Patrol.

   As a uniformed officer, he and his partner, Ox, find very unorthodox ways of bringing criminals to justice.       

   But they have plenty of help from others in the senior set.

   Meet 65 year old Willie, the former con man, who has given up his shady ways to be Walt's friend and sidekick.

   Then there's Mary, the 75 year old apartment manager with a 36 inch baseball bat and an attitude to match.

   This merry band of seniors is kept on the straight and narrow with words of wisdom from 85 year old Professor Leopold Skinner.

   And what hero would be complete without a heroine by his side?  Meet Maggie McBride, Walt's sweetheart and helpmate and discover that intimacy doesn't disappear with the arrival of Social Security.

   In this ACTION-PACKED HILARIOUS ADVENTURE,  Walt and his band of scrappy seniors give Lady Justice a helping hand by capturing the Realtor Rapist and bringing down the Russian Mob.

   And you don't want to miss the excitement as Walt and his fellow grey-hairs go undercover at the Senior Center and capture the Senior Center Mugger at the Prom.

   Every Golden Ager knows, that as we grow older, we face a whole new set of challenges in life.  Walt and his friends meet these challenges head-on and you'll have a hard time not laughing out loud as they thumb their noses at the ravages of Father Time.

   I guarantee, after reading Lady Justice Takes a C.R.A.P., you will come away with a new perspective and respect for the triumphs and challenges of the Senior set.

   In fact, you may even be prompted to ask your grandpa what he's been up to laterly.