The mission of Health Synergy International is to help as many people as possible to have a better quality of life.
Health Synergy addresses the quest for optimal health for every person. Synergy comes from the Greek word, synergia-- joint work, from synergein, to work together; combined or cooperative action or force; specifically in medicine.

Since 2009 I have seen significant improvement to my health as a result of using USANA nutritional supplements including Healthpak, BiOmega, Proflavanol and Vitamin D. I have more energy, and my overall health is great.

USANA products are of superior quality as compared with others on the market because:

   USANA is an FDA certified facility
   All USANA products carry a potency guarantee
   USANA has an athlete guarantee
   The products are pharmaceutical grade, made according to GMP
   NSF certified
   Rated #1 for consumer satisfaction by Consumerlabs.com