Reggie Middleton provides his opinion of the economy, markets and public companies/stocks to free and paying subscribers via articles/posts, equity research reports and and financial models on BoomBustBlog.com. In addition to actionable research, Reggie provides the BoomBustBlog community the opportunity to interact with him and other BoomBustBloggers on the website and at scheduled events. While investing is Reggie's primary business, with the blog being secondary, Reggie does occasionally take contract work in which he performs financial and forensic analysis on companies for a contracted rate.

The phenomenal returns of his blog's research model and proprietary account is a major draw to subscribers. Both boast triple digit returns.

Some of the topics covered include: global macro, banking media, social economic mobility and status, earnings, risk management, legislation, law & government, current affairs, capital markets, commercial banking, real estate and blogonomics.

Some of the company's covered include: General Growth Properties, Lehman, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, KB Homes, Lennar, Morgan Stanley, Wynn Resorts, Intrepid Potash, Smithfield Foods, Prepaid Legal, Frontline Shipping Co HSBC, UBS, Ralcorp, Genco, USG, Navistar, MBIA, AMBAC, Alexander's, Macerich.

For a description of Reggie see below:

Reggie Middleton is a non-conformist, outside the box, "free-thinking maverick"  when it comes to investment and  analysis, which helps him make money while the Wall Street herd  stampedes in fear.

Middleton works in his home, builds his own research and reporting  technology and does all his own analysis. The personal approach to investing is critical to success.

Since being right puts food on Middleton's table, he's more invested  in his research than anyone else. It's the investing, not selling research gathered in an echo chamber, that consumes his energy.
With so much at stake, Middleton can't rely on other firms to research  where he should put his family's money. So he employs his own team of analysts and forensic accountants.

This independence means Middleton doesn't have to please editors,  bankers, clients or shareholders. It's also why his research is so  valuable to the hedge fund and pension managers, commercial bankers and others who subscribe to it.

In addition to allowing Middleton to cultivate an interest in new  media, publishing research online generates feedback from readers  around the globe.

By complementing his own work with online global feedback, Middleton has created a living, evolving body of work much in the same way open- source programmers develop software.

Despite his low personal profile, Middleton's work is being noticed well beyond the boundaries of his subscriber base.

Analysis that foresaw the downfall of firms such as General Growth  Properties months before management even acknowledged a problem helped  get Middleton coverage from the online financial news service  Marketwatch and prominent play in New York and Las Vegas newspapers.

The jump to mainstream media was no surprise considering Middleton's  investment record far outpaces so-called "experts" on national cable  news and his ability to break down complex financial news in terms  anyone can understand.