Boom Media is a modern media firm that is helping politicians, businesses, foundations, actors and entertainers gain more online exposure through all the latest techniques in social media, blogging, bookmarking, text campaigns, video campaigns and many other tactics.  Boom Media Inc is one of the fastest growing modern media firms in the country.  With offices in San Diego, La Jolla and Chicago currently, Boom Media Inc plans to expand into Baltimore, Indianapolis, Orlando and a few other locations within the year.  Built on the premise of helping fellow entrepreneurs Boom has put together one of the strongest board of directors in the space.  CEO David Turner, formerly of Mobi TV, has gone public two different times and has one of the best resumes in the high tech arena globally.  President Eric Rice brings a bit of day to day grit that every company needs to survive.  Rice has been involved in some of the most intense expansion models in the business and has a passion for cutting edge internet exposure techniques.  These two along with John Monteith, Adam Blejski, Jennifer Jacobs and Brian Tomkins make one of the strongest teams of individual strength in the modern media market.