Boomslang Analytics Inc. is an independent, non-government funded, science-driven, evidence-based global health research analysis company.

Founded in 2018, Boomslang Analytics develops analytical proprietary quantitative/qualitative framework (through intellectual property creation) designed for root cause identification-remediation thereby assisting individuals, companies, and governments achieve issue resolution.  Intellectual property rights were granted based on this proof of concept in both Canada (Registration #:  1149480) and the US (Registration #: TXu 2-096-444).

Boomslang Analytics mission is to provide individualized analytical viewpoints, performed on a per client or group (population) scale, facilitating health care professionals in confirming root causation. Application of such methodology in the field of healthcare, substantially reduces patient suffering, thereby turning a once painful/life threatening disease/virus, into a long term manageable condition/issue resolution.   Additional applications in a multitude of industries where data collection and analysis is common.  According to Mr. Dufour, the application of such analysis will gain traction in coming years where data generation is based on the subconscious input of customers and/or patients.

Boomslang Analytics has created Covid-19 information decks available for digital download from boomslanganalytics.ca.  Relevant topics include:  

1.  Covid-19 New Case Momentum Analysis - Technical analysis indicator application to Covid-19 new case datasets resulted in an approximate three week lead time in new Covid-19 case forecasting compared to traditional forecasting.

2.  Covid-19 VITT Causation - Boomslang Analytics Inc. developed seven theories behind Vaccine Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) root causation.  Viral vector vaccines (Astrazeneca & Johnson & Johnson) included an ingredient that was previously implicated in blood clot formation.

3.  Covid-19 Asymptomatic Individuals Explained - Why do some people exhibit asymptomatic behaviour to a Covid-19 infection?  There was a reason why the entire CONTINENT of Africa had 4X+ fewer Covid-19 deaths (260,594 March 7/23) than the United States (1,122,392 March 7/23 – John Hopkins website).  Keep in mind that the residents of Africa have lower quality healthcare AND Covid-19 vaccine availability was non-existent until much later into the pandemic.  Africa’s Covid-19 death total should have been much higher!  Reason:  They are protected.  You can digitally download the information deck titled:  Asymptomatic Behaviour Explained from my website (https://store.boomslanganalytics.ca).

4.  Covid-19 Geographic & Mammal Origin - Covid-19 virus did not originate in a lab.  Geographic location and mammal origin has been identified through investigative analysis to within 2 groups of GPS co-ordinates and 3 species of mammals.

5.  Covid-19 Ten Cures - When applied at the first sign of Covid-19 symptoms certain foods, existing off-label medications, and/or specific bacteria can eradicate Covid-19 in less than 15 minutes! False health claim? Nope!  A third party clinical trial (two years after Boomslang's initial discovery) confirms the magic ingredient behind this statement.

6.  Covid-19 How Bats Control Their Coronaviruses - It was previously thought that Bats control their coronaviruses through their metabolism and/or flight.  This is actual untrue. The answer is simple.

7.  Long Covid - Long Covid is difficult to treat because each person is unique.  Applying the same solution/prescribing the same remediation to everyone will not work.  What does work is identifying the root cause and addressing it on an individual basis but within a group environment.

8.  Handling of Future Pandemics - Another pandemic is only a few years away!  Understanding why a pandemic starts in the first place is a good place to start when trying to prevent the next one.

Boomslang Analytics Inc. is an independent private company.  Governments financially support most research based hospitals, post secondary research institutions, and non-profit establishments.  Boomslang Analytics Inc. does not qualify for government assistance and therefore must charge for our digital downloads.  In return, be assured our products are constructed with science-driven, evidence-based information, without outside influence, and follow a proprietary framework.  Click BUY today!

Learn more about Marcel Dufour and Boomslang Analytics Inc. by connecting with him through Website:  http://boomslanganalytics.ca   Email:  marcel@boomslanganalytics.ca  Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/marcel-dufour-238bbb22/, or Twitter: @BoomslangCreate.