G. Boon was founded in 1873 as a carpentry shop in Amsterdam. In 1970 the family business moved from Amsterdam to Edam and the company changed name to Boon Edam. Boon Edam supplied its first revolving door over 100 years ago. Since then the Group has become the acknowledged world market leader in revolving doors. But we do more than that. Our core business nowadays focuses on Door Systems, Security Access and Advanced Door Care.

In the last decades of the 20th century we have built our worldwide distribution network, resulting in:

subsidiary companies in 15 countries
factories in China, The Netherlands and the USA
authorised distributors in over 55 other countries

Royal Boon Edam
In January 2004 we were granted the right to use the name Royal Boon Edam. This award crowned the company’s 130th anniversary and the 100th year of revolving door production. With over a century of experience and satisfied customers worldwide, we have proven to be a solid and reliable partner in entrance technology.

We deliver a broad range of innovative, high quality entrance products and services that meet our customers’ needs for efficiency, security and aesthetic design. All round the world.

Years of experience meeting a wide variety of demands allow us to combine our expertise with your professionalism, providing precisely the solutions you seek.