About Boost eLearning

Boost eLearning provides Google Search training for business research, training knowledge workers how to effectively find high value information. With the skills developed from the Boost eLearning training, your knowledge workers will be able to research a client, competitor, vendor, and market trends, enabling them to convert the Web from a direct marketing medium into a data base and research center.

Knowledge workers spend roughly half* of their day looking for information.  Similar to Henry Ford's statement, companies that want their information provided for them are just asking for a faster horse: a search engine cannot think for a knowledge worker.  A new paradigm is needed.  Training the user how to effectively find high value information on their own is the only certain way a knowledge worker will be able to find what they are looking for.

It is the power of the 9 filters and 5 operators embedded in Google that will allow your knowledge workers to gain a deeper understanding of any industry and win more business.
Learn. Think. Find.