The Bosnian Royal Family is the sole royal family of Bosnia.  Est. 1141. Under the rules of international legal order for countries of forcibly usurped sovereignty, Dr. Mensur Omerbashich is the King of Bosnia and head of the Bosnian royal dynasty Omerbashich, since reviving his right to sovereignty ("throne") in 2010. The right has been continuously usurped to his family (then Berislavić) since 1527 when the Ottoman dynasty first established Bosnia's occupying administration and committed regicide of Bosnia's previous sovereign, prince Stjepan Berislavić, in 1536, for his refusal to abdicate three thrones in favor of Ottomans: Bosnia's, Croatia's, and Serbia's. Turks also committed regicide of Bosnia's previous king, in 1463. As Turks were being expelled from Europe, Bosnia was in 1853 returned her legal name Bosnia and Hercegovina cf. Bosznia Hercegség - Hungarian legalese for Princedom of Bosnia since Bosnia's Crown got sovereignty from Hungary's Crown, and Bosnia was legally a princedom under princes Berislavićs on its final subjugation of 1527. In expanded pretension to All of Illyria (Latin: IMPERIVM ILLYRIORVM), the King claims sovereignty of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Dr. Omerbashich is also a theoretical physicist who has made fundamental scientific discoveries in physics, cosmology, geophysics, and spectral analysis. His most important discoveries include the first expressing of values of gravitational constant (and thus of gravity too) via speed of light (hinted by Einstein and Maxwell), and the first proof of (Tegmark's) Type I Multiverse. In 2013, he disputed the 2012 Nobel prize for physics given (to Wineland of NIST, and Haroche) for a discovery he sent in 2008 to Wineland for NIST's verification - equations relating quantum and classical physics by expressing (values of) G via c on macroscopic and quantum scales. Physics Nobel laureate Brian Josephson agreed in a debate with Omerbashich that there are remarkable coincidences in this case of a discovery which enables capturing of elementary particles by suspending gravity vibrationally.

World famous International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in Paris (keepers of metre standard) confirmed experimentally in 2013-2014 the Omerbashich's (first-ever) theoretical value for the Newton's gravitational constant G, of 6.675E-11, as 6.6754E-11, thus converging from their 2001's estimate 6.6756-E11.  The confirmation invalidates all other estimates of G, and supports Omerbashich's Hyperresonance Unifying Theory - now the candidate for replacing falsified Quantum Field Theory and failing String Theory. The BIPM remains the world authority on scientific units and constants.




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