The Freedom Consultants is a team of politically-conservative citizens concerned about the current state of affairs in our country. (2010)

Our position is clearly expressed in the bumper stickers and t-shirts offered on our website. Our purpose is to make every U.S. citizen aware of the socialistic government that is being thrust upon us; and, if our viewers so choose, to give them the means to express their patriotic belief in America and their resentment and distrust of those in the White House and the Congress who are assaulting our God-given freedoms.

We invite all like-minded Americans to get involved in this crucial effort to save our Constitution from being mangled and ultimately destroyed.

We donate a portion of all proceeds to conservative causes.

★ Visitors to our website can Stick-It-To-the-Libs by sending a blunt, two-pronged message directly to the President and any Democrat Senator or Member of the House of Representatives. It's a cannonball shot across their bow that is sure to jolt them. We do the addressing and mailing for you or we send everything to you to do the mailing. Check out this fun offer and then stick it to 'em at a minimum of fuss and expense.

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★ Read "Hoax and Chains: The Obama Chronicles," a page of common sense articles written by leading conservative American commentators that keep you informed about what's really going on in the country.You can contribute favorite items by email. Fun polls here, too.

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