Whether your pain started due to an injury or surgery, or from the affects of aging, if you have lived with this pain for more than 3 months, you have chronic pain. Acute or chronic, easing pain is complicated. You may need treatments, medication, functional rehabilitation, behavioral support or some combination of therapies.

At Boston PainCare, we provide ALL of these therapies in one building. We designed our interdisciplinary practice so that all of our physicians and other medical professionals can easily consult together on your case to give you
the best possible care.

Our comprehensive program offers consultations, evaluations for short and long term pain, medication management including opiate and non-opiate therapies, in-house procedures, sleep studies, functional rehabilitation, and behavioral health support.

Our primary goal is to help restore function and improve the quality of life of our patients including:
● Return to regular daily activities
● Increase physical strength and flexibility
● Improve ability to self-manage chronic pain
● Reduce reliance on pain medications
● Learn stress management techniques