The BPMA, founded in 2001, is quickly growing to become a premiere resource for those who are serious about improving their skills and furthering their careers as product professionals.

Why Join Us?
The BPMA has something for all product professionals. As a Product Manager you can advance your product skills anywhere along the product lifecycle, from new product development to end-of-life planning. As a Product Marketer, you can learn practical techniques to deliver high ROI marketing programs. Whether you are on the job, or looking for one, the BPMA is a professional resource for product professionals who are serious about success.  

Career Center
The Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) is the only professional association in the Greater Boston region dedicated to the career development of product management and product marketing professionals. The BPMA offers both local events as well as a comprehensive set of online resources for employers, hiring managers, executive recruiters and job seekers.

Membership benefits include:
Professional Development
Membership in the BPMA offers the opportunity for professional development through guest speaker educational programs, "Table Talk" group workshops, a mentorship program and networking opportunities with a highly focused group of peers. Members also connect through a product management online community and discussion forums and receive special discounts on professional education programs.

Networking and Career Opportunities
Members can leverage their membership to find employment using online resources and in-person networking opportunities. Employers turn to the Boston Product Management Association to find a large pool of talented, well-qualified employees who will help them be successful.

Publications and Management Tools
We are continuing to develop a library of resources, such as product management articles, reviews of product management books, tips on product management tools, and other helpful resources that can be accessed directly online.

Access to Special Interest Groups
For those looking to dive deeper into specific topics of interest, we offer opportunities for Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These small-group team learning experiences are dynamic and interactive and offer a full spectrum of professional development and management skills. SIGs meet separately to allow BPMA members to participate in more specialized areas of product management or marketing for a deeper level of learning. Contact us if you are interested in starting a Special Interest Group.