Bounce Boots LLC is located in Atlanta, GA.  Founded on the principle that exercise should be fun we have totally reinvented rebounding boots. Companies like Kangoo Jumps have been around for more than 20 years but have never revised models to a standard for 2016. Using years of experience in rebounding, manufacturing, design and engineering the Bounce Team has developed the most advanced rebounding boot ever made.

Rebounding is one of the best ways to lose weight and get is great shape, all while having a blast.  Classes are fun and using them to train for endurance racing we yield amazing results. Great for adults of all ages and kids as well. We have 2 sizes for kids and 5 for adults. They come in super cool Neon colors and the boots can be "tricked out" with our own "Bounce Bling" to personalize them.

All our designs and models as well as accessories and fashion can be viewed at www.bounceboots.com.  We are actively looking for dealers and trainers around the world.