What do U get when U mix awesome inflatable structures, a clean, climate controlled environment, incredible customer service, and non-stop excitement?  One heck of a great time, that’s what.  Since any BounceU event is truly about U, we’ll provide a private space for families and friends to be themselves, go a little wild, and share memories that will last a lifetime.  

Parents love how easy it is to throw a BounceU party, letting our professional and knowledgeable staff take care of everything.  Kids think our bounce stadiums are unbelievably cool, relishing their chance to bounce into the spotlight.  

At BounceU, birthday parties are only the beginning.  From field trips to fundraisers to team parties, we’re excited to host any group that want to get its bounce on.  And if you just can’t wait until your next BounceU party, try our famously fun Open Bounce times.