Bowen, Weinstein and Li, Inc., was formed by three of the top executives in engineering, implementing, and road-mapping Global Contact Centers and International Enterprise Architecture. With offices located throughout China, United Kingdom and the United States, they are poised to steer start-up companies as well as small to medium sized companies through acquisitions, downsizing and streamlining as well as provide tutelage for companies of any size.

Fortune magazine is quoted in the November 2008 issue as,

“Bowen, Weinstein, and Li are in essence the Three Kings of IT, that don’t cost a king’s ransom.”

Although Bowen, Weinstein and Li, Inc. is located in 11 countries with over 230 contracted experts our target client is the small to medium sized business that the Big 4, our former employers, have no interest in. Since the Big 4 typically only engage clients on the Fortune 500 list or when there is a project magnitude of $500,000.00 or more, our firm will engage clients not formerly able to receive the same level of expertise.

The tables have turned and Bowen, Weinstein and Li, Inc. now have three of the top Contact Center Strategist and Architects on the planet. Normal billing rate for C. Jeffery Bowen’s service was $828.00/per hour plus expenses – but now these three executive architects are able to work for you at a fraction of their former rates. And in some cases our firm has worked on a contingency basis and is only paid if/when we save you money. That is one of many options we have to service clients of all sizes and needs.

Every Contact Center is searching ways to keep up with the latest technology and reduce costs and we can help you. If we can’t reduce your recurring costs – there is no cost to you. We have successfully re-negotiated “live” vendor contracts to pennies on the dollar, we have migrated from dedicated T1 to VPN burst traffic, and we have reduced network redundancies and combined multiple NOC’s (Network Operating Center). On so many occasions our client companies and agencies have been poised to purchase new technologies, but our firm has demonstrated how their current equipment could have performed the same function. This has often resulted in savings in excess of $200,000. We guarantee we can slash your operating costs, or we charge you nothing.

Please review below some of the hundreds of success stories Bowen, Weinstein and Li, Inc. have that display our extreme expertise and eminence in the Contact Center arena. Our firm guarantees you that we can work with your internal IT team and Contact Center leaders to insure your contact center is running at the highest efficiency possible. Click on the Engineering, Implementation, and Optimization links to see triumphs for our firm.