For over 40 years, Bowmonk Limited has been a world-leading manufacturer of brake testing equipment. Approvals from the FAA, Transport Canada, MOT and DOT departments are but a few examples of Bowmonk's recognised achievements in its field. In 2006, Bowmonk acquired its main rival, Tapley Instrumentation. With the purchase of Tapley, Bowmonk is now the largest supplier of portable brake testers (decelerometers) in the world.
Vision and opportunity has led Bowmonk to expand its range of products to assist the safety and management of drivers, vehicles and assets. These include driver-monitoring devices, vehicle tracking solutions and airport safety equipment. .
Achieving a high level of satisfaction among our customers and global partners is a core component of business at Bowmonk. We strive to increase customer satisfaction and improve experiences with our products and services. To ensure that we work to the highest quality, Bowmonk is a fully accredited UKAS calibration laboratory meeting the recognised International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005