BracketsandBeams.com is your one stop shop for interior and exterior faux beams, brackets, rafter tails, corbels, headers, ceiling panels, planks and accessories.  

Our faux products look exactly like wood or stone, but are less expensive, lighter and easier to install.  All molds are authentically cast from real wood or stone elements and therefore replicate the original exactly.

Since our products are made out of a strong, light and specially blended polyurethane you don't have to worry about maintenance, and installation is simple and quick.

Our Product Advantages:

   * Lower Costs

         o Our specially blended polyurethane and lightweight construction allows for easier installation and eliminates the need for costly weight bearing walls and substructures resulting in a savings of up to 40% of installed costs of natural materials or precast stone.

   * Natural Beauty and Texture

         o Using proprietary techniques our molds perfectly capture the intricate details and texture of natural stone and wood.  With several colors to choose from, our elements are painted at the factory using the highest quality finishes that are resistant to UV, chipping , cracking or peeling.

   * Lightweight Construction

         o Our products are much lighter in weight than natural materials, weighing at approximately 1 lb. per square foot, which saves in transportation, installation and labor.

   * Extremely Durable

         o Our high-density resin system features a closed cell structure that doesn't absorb water, so it will not rot, crack, crush or split like real wood or inferior styrofoam products.

   * Easy to Install

         o Because of the lightweight construction, Installation can be done quickly using simple carpenter tools, adhesive, finishing nails and caulking.  

   * Extensive Testing

         o Our products have endured over 4500 hours of environmental testing making it one of the most durable products on the market providing years of lasting beauty.   Also, for a minimal surcharge our products are available in Class A fire-rated polyurethane materials / ASTM-E 84.


First off, (unlike our competition) our products are proudly produced in the U.S.A!

Beginning with a piece of real wood or stone, craftsman utilizing sophisticated stone cutting equipment cut and shape the wood or stone in order to make a "master". The master is what will be reproduced.

Once the master has been cut to the designed shape it must be painstakingly detailed to accept the silicone molding material.

A wooden box is constructed to surround the master. This box will hold the silicone molding material.

The silicone molding material is catalyzed and dispensed over the master.

After a 24 hour curing period, the mold is removed from the master.

The now cured mold is placed back in the moldbox and is ready to go to the production line.

A protective coating is applied to the mold using HLVP spray equipment.

State of the art blending and dispensing equipment is used to dispense a proprietary blend of polyurethane resins into the prepared mold.

The mold and moldbox with the resin is then placed into an automatic press to allow the resin system to go through it´s curing cycle.

Once the curing cycle is complete, the molded piece is removed from the mold.

A base color is sprayed on the molded piece.

A specially formulated glaze is then applied and hand wiped to create the natural color and tone of the master.