Founded in 1881, Bradford Publishing Company is Colorado's oldest and most trusted publisher of legal information, including legal forms, electronic legal forms, law books, and statutes. Located in Denver's historic LoDo district, Bradford Publishing provides legal forms and reference materials on a variety of legal topics for attorneys, other professionals, and consumers.

Our commitment to quality is the cornerstone of Bradford's business philosophy, and we provide the most up-to-date line of legal products available. While we do not engage in the practice of law, we do engage the services of attorneys who specialize in keeping our forms revised in accordance with legislative acts, court decisions, and the needs of the legal, financial, and real estate professions. We also regularly update the content our books and other publications, so you can rely on the most accurate and current information available.

In addition to maintaining a complete line of legal forms, we have an expanding library of books for lawyers and other business professionals in Colorado. With nearly 50 books already in print, our goal is to introduce new books each year, solidifying our commitment to Colorado’s legal community.

All of our products are available through this website and in our retail store, and many legal forms and booklets are available to download electronically. All items can be purchased on our website for delivery to your office or home.