Brain Fitness Strategies provides drug-free solutions for people seeking to improve brain function. Through research, education, and the latest advances in neuromuscular brain development, individualized coaching programs are used to help adults and children overcome dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, processing disorders, and other learning challenges. Two of only twelve certified RMT consultants in North and South America, Paul and Susan Phariss are the nation’s leading experts on the topic of teaching movement as a tool for brain fitness.

Our professionally developed coaching programs have been designed to build the motor skills necessary for developing a healthy brain. For over 25 years, parents, schools, and corporations have relied on Brain Fitness Strategies® to help kids and adults build the brain fitness that will enhance every aspect of their lives. We understand that the challenges you face are no one’s fault—we focus on the solution.

Co-author of Have a Ball Learning, Paul Phariss survived a drowning accident at age six and overcame severe brain damage to learn to read at age thirty. Having educated and entertained over half-a-million people worldwide, Paul has been interviewed and seen on PBS, CBS, FOX, ESPN2, the Today Show, and Good Morning America.

Susan Bello Phariss is a brain fitness coach, author, speaker and founder of Brain Fitness Strategies LLC. Susan helps schools, individuals, and corporations implement strategic brain exercise programs focused on enhancing brain function. As co-creator of the revolutionary guide for parents and teachers, Have a Ball Learning: How Juggling Helps Kids Overcome Their Learning Disabilities, Susan Phariss is one of the nation’s leading experts on the topic of teaching movement as a tool for brain fitness. She has been seen on NBC, CBS, and ABC.