Brain Power, LLC, is a mission-based neuroscience tech startup headquartered in Cambridge, MA, with strong ties to MIT, Harvard, and Stanford. We hire the best and brightest from around the world and maintain a fully virtual, work-from-anywhere company paradigm.

Our flagship product suite, called Empowered Brain™, includes apps that help children or adults on the autism spectrum to develop social-emotional learning skills that can help them navigate the world. We have successful customers living in 10 countries, and in schools in the US. More recently, we have leveraged our neuroscience and education expertise to create Brain Power Academy, an online school offering teachers evidence-based professional development content focused on social-emotional learning, special education and distance learning. We also are working to make teachers' lives easier by developing IEP tracking software that is fun and easy-to-use, and takes the stress and mystery out of accurately reporting on goals. Our product suite, fastIEP, is due to market in early 2021.

As we continue to grow our own team, we're naturally expanding our capabilities and product offerings. We're proud to be a truly mission-based company that creates solutions to empower people with invisible neural differences, and their teachers.
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