A common theme across all our services is consistency: whatever blend of
services and media you choose, you can be sure your message and values
will be communicated equally well across all of them. We also pride ourselves
on attention to detail, checking every project carefully at every stage.

Brand development      
At Brand Experience we understand the importance of brand equity and how to build it.
We are skilled in developing brands creatively to meet evolving needs. We can develop brand guidelines (for ourselves or others to use) that make branded communications visually consistent across a range of media.

Whatever your requirements, from a simple information source to a fully interactive user experience, Brand Experience is your ideal partner.
Good sites answer questions. A successful website is created through a company asking itself questions about its own aims and what its users want. Delivery, in the form of design, content and functionality, provides the answers. We can help you at every stage and have all the technical skills in-house to manage every aspect of a heavily functional and interactive site:

   * website and intranet design, construction and maintenance
   * image sourcing, commissioning and enhancing
   * content management systems
   * integrated dynamic databases
   * e-commerce
   * bespoke programming
   * banner advertising
   * animation and multimedia presentations
   * business requirements reporting