Since it was established in 2000, Brand One, Formerly, Slim Famous, 100% of original products are profitable and some continue to gain recognition as top-selling products within the marketplace. Our original products have been featured in several media sources including newspapers such as “The Boston Globe,” magazines such as “Pet Word,” and television shows such as “Chronicle.” They have caught the attention of Warner Brothers/Disney Executives, Hospital Executives, Corporate Executives, pet-product manufacturers, Red Sox fans, the apparel industry, the gift and flower industry among others. Our original products sell in all 50 states, all 10 Canadian provinces and the Caribbean. They can be found in large stores such as Pet Smart, in small boutiques and on websites such as Amazon.

We Believe any quality product or service with a demand or with potential to create demand and regardless of it already existing can succeed when supported by the right thinking. It is without question the strategic and creative thinking applied to the development of a product, or service or person will determine the level of success or failure.”

We Offer full scale, top to bottom, inside and out, interactive consulting and leadership services for all aspects of brand creation, management and growth. Our expertise ranges from start-ups to brand re-creation to a good old fashion shove forward. Our services include the necessary support including a skilled network of professional designers, artists, writers, thinkers, analysts, photographers and etc.

We Specialize in developing successful brands through effective combinations of marketing, creative strategies and innovative ideas. Our comprehensive understanding of the process and what it means to fully develop a product, service or personal brand, combined with our real life ‘in the trenches’ experience taking brands from concept to creation is what makes us highly effective at guiding you. We are highly skilled at discovering and simplifying the core market differentiators and strategies that can be immediately applied to measurability and impact the power and growth of your business or personal brand.

We Are Successful primarily because we know what we are doing. Marketers range from one who sells you a phone plan to one who will put a billboard on the moon. It is our opinion that one has the ‘knack’ for it or they don’t. With a variety of clients throughout the country, we have a proven track record of success that is supported by the products, services and people we have helped not only achieve their goals, but also exceed goal expectations.

We Work With You on creating your custom brand. We educate and show you what others simply tell you. We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with you to create an effective and usable plan with accompanying products and services. We become your partner and your ally. In other words, we brand by you! We just don’t see how it can be successfully done any other way.

We Understand You because we are entrepreneurs and business owners. -This is our passion. Brand One is lead and supported by professionals who’ve ‘been there.’ We’ve laid it on the line and put our money where our mouths are. We’ve developed our own products and services and relate to the challenges, struggles and victories involved with this process. We are able to empathize with and applaud your journey. For us, this is as much a lifestyle as it is an occupation.

We Have An Original Plan formula that is a winning equation for success. The ability to create an organized and effective strategic plan that is also highly creative and original is what differentiates us within the marketplace. Our commitment to executing and implementing the plan is what makes us completely unique. We always start the process with a plan. So let’s get started on yours!